Evil Dead  The Sims 2
Sims 2 Ash Williams (ED 1)

Ashley J. "Ash" Williams

Sims 2 Linda


Sims 2 Deadite Linda
Sims 2 Scotty


Sims 2 Deadite Scotty
Sims 2 Shelly


Sims 2 Deadite Shelly
Sims 2 Cheryl Williams

Cheryl Williams

Sims 2 Deadite Cheryl Williams
Sims 2 Ash Williams (ED 2)

"Ash" (from Evil Dead 2)

Sims 2 Deadite Ash Williams
Sims 2 Annie Knowby

Annie Knowby

Sims 2 Ed Getley

Ed Getley

Sims 2 Deadite Ed Getley
Sims 2 Jake


Sims 2 Bobbie Joe

Bobbie Joe

Sims 2 Henrietta Knowby

Henrietta Knowby

Sims 2 Deadite Henrietta Knowby
Sims 2 Professor Raymond Knowby

Professor Raymond Knowby

Sims 2 Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods

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