The 7 Project

IBM Thinkpad X30

1.07 Ghz Intel Pentium III & 1 GB PC133 RAM

It runs pretty good for it's age. The Bios had to be updated to the newest version, and power management settings had to be adjusted to prevent bluescreens. The IBM XP drivers for sound and wireless worked, and Windows update picked up the rest of the drivers, except the video. The video driver was the only tricky part, minus the bios update, I used a Fujitsu Driver, and followed the directions listed here.
I ended up reloading this with Windows Embedded Standard 7, due to the occasional BSOD's I was still getting taking it out of standby mode, and it runs fantasticly with no more random crashes.
IBM Thinkpad X30 1
IBM Thinkpad X30 2
IBM Thinkpad X30 3
IBM Thinkpad X30 4
IBM Thinkpad X30 5